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Calcium carbonate ultrafine powder milling machine

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Calcium carbonate is a pure white powder, with non-toxic, non-odor ingredients and other characteristics of stability, is an important inorganic non-metallic materials, industrial products is an important filler and additives. Nano-calcium carbonate is known as the mineral aristocratic product, is the industry is optimistic about the high-tech content, high value-added and high profits of inorganic fillers. Due to the superfine refinement of nanometer calcium carbonate particles, the crystal structure and surface electron structure change, resulting in the quantum size effect, small size effect, surface effect and macroscopic quantum effect which ordinary calcium carbonate does not possess. With nano-calcium carbonate as the organic polymer material toughening reinforcement materials, both play a role in filling and can partially improve the strength and other properties of the product, therefore, since the 1980s since the advent of nano-calcium carbonate in Japan, the United States, Europe and other countries continue to expand the scope of application, increasing the amount of commercial application prospects are very attractive.
Throughout the domestic nano-calcium carbonate industry, industry concentration is very low, corporate structural contradictions, there are many enterprises, the average production capacity is too small, backward production technology, poor processing equipment, environmental pollution and other issues. One of the most obvious is the duplication of construction, overcapacity, a serious shortage of operating rate, economic decline. Therefore, the industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading is the calcium carbonate industry "second five" one of the primary task, one of the policy is to focus on encouraging the development of energy-saving environmental protection of new nano-calcium carbonate.
In recent years, China's non-metallic mineralization grading equipment developed rapidly, the technology gradually enhanced, a series of independent intellectual property rights of technology available and industrialized, so that the domestic calcium carbonate technology and the rapid upgrading of quality, production capacity has also been expanded, Completely changed the domestic high-quality calcium carbonate dependent on the status of imports. In order to meet the needs of more industries to keep up with the pace of economic development, SBM R & D to create a large non-metallic mineral pulverized milling equipment-Q5 European version of ultra-fine milling machine, the machine benefited from SBM powder engineers in the technical Of the persistent pursuit and innovation, many advantages gathered in the market of similar products have unparalleled advantages in the market has a considerable competitive edge. Q5 European version of ultra-fine milling machine under the same power high yield, stable operation, high quality products and high environmental protection, a substantial increase in customer efficiency, for SMEs to win more market opportunities.
SBM has been committed to scientific and technological innovation, standing in the forefront of the development of the industry to continue to accumulate the influence of forging the Chinese crushing and grinding equipment leading brand value, Q5 European version of ultra-fine milling machine won the praise of customers, in the final analysis is the traditional The efficiency optimization is mainly achieved by improving the grinding efficiency and reducing the running cost. The Q5 European version of the ultrafine mill not only performs well in the traditional efficiency optimization, but also breaks the non-production time and the finished product quality as the efficiency improvement. Many unique design is to complete the continuous operation of the reliable protection. Roller bearings with thin oil centralized circulation lubrication, to ensure that the bearings in the low temperature and pure oil conditions to work; unique hydraulic station system, can reduce the replacement and maintenance time roller; equipped with automatic control device that can achieve remote monitoring operation , So that customers completely bid farewell to the complex maintenance process.

asked Jun 7 in Chemistry by xuanxuan251 (160 points)

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